Dear dad,
I can't believe where I have to sleep. I have to sleep on the ground with only a blanket and a very very little fire. I have to eat venison, and any other food source we can find. My uniform is blue with white pants and shirt I also have white stripes around my blue coat. My weapons are my musket and sometimes I use a cannon. I also get to use a sword at close range. My training was easy because none of us have very much experience.
The battles I have been in were the battle of Saratoga, one battle of Canada, New York, New Jersey, and Trenton. My living conditions were harsh and horrible because the winter caused illness and death because we were frozen. I was fighting because I wanted freedom and because I didn't want you to give them any more of your hard earned money. I also went to war because they killed my friend with a cannon. The war would also make me stronger and allowed me to get liberty. I also joined because I promised a patriot I would help, He told me to join because he tlod me the Redcoats were coming to our colony. Another Patriot named George Washington recruited me in his army. That's how I was in all those battles with him. When I saw the british for the first time I shot one because I wanted to protect you. When I fired the first shot the British began to charge while firing at us and then I got scared and hid behind a tree. When it was over I ran home but you were gone and you only left a note. Then I fought the British to protect you om and everyone else I knew and cared about. Now i'm coming home to continue my farmwork and help raise the farm animals.