Dear family,
We just won at Montreal, and now we are going up to Quebec to try and take over canada.The journey is tiering and cold.My uniform is wet, riped, and you can hardly see the blue cloath because of all the mud. My shoes are riped and torn and i can see my toes hanging out of them. My pants are staned with blood and mud. My only weapons are a musket, sword, and a knife. My musket and sword are dirty and black with sut from all the exploding cannon balls.I sleep on the snow covered ground where ever i could a good place. The ground is very cold in the night but I do not complain, i would rather freeze to the ground than lose my home and hard earned money to the British. We have been runing out of food for a few days so general Washinton told us to find animal or fish to eat.So thats what i did, i went in deeper in the forests of canada. It was cold but after a little while i came acrossed a stream. I got my sword and tried to stab some fish. Every day we get up at the crack of dawn and target practice, but only a few shot because we don't want to run out of amo, thats all we do for training here. In montreal i fought in a blood battle. We losed alot of men but we toke over Montreal because we didn't give up. Out of our five drummer boy two of them got wounded and are no longer allowed to drum of us for a week. I got so mad at the Lobster backs that I through a gernada as far as i could. I saw the explotion but i didn't know how many of them lobster backs fell to the ground. Hopefully alot of them lobsters died. Our living conitions are poor because our cloathes and uniforms are not in good conition they are torn staned and some men had no cloaths at all. Also we do not have a lot of food at camp, and our water is dirty, our beds are not beds they are just sticks and twigs that we found in the woods. I am still fighting in this war so we can stay in our homes and so we don't have to pay those stupid taxes to those nasty no good British people!!!