Dear Family,
I am in the army now. i am a Colonial soldier, and travled here to fight in the Revolutanary War. I sleep in a small tent that can only hold about two people in them. The food here isnt the best ,but its good enough to keep me alive. Some of the dinners we have is squirle with corn or green beans, cow, deer,and sometimes we find some apples. We don't have uniforms like the Red Coats though. We have old ripped clothes and some of us don't have any shoes. Many of my fellow soldiers have died already from the harsh cold winter and diseases. As for our weopons, we have many guns and cannons ,but we are low on amunition such as cannon balls and musketballs. I wish i could be back home to see you all. I miss you momma,pa,malachi,dakota,and you too little kate. Eventhough i miss you all i must stay here and train with Baron von Steuben next month at Valley Forge. My soldiers and i will be leaving in two days for training. I have not been in any wars ,but I did hear about one of how we won control of Valley Forge. I thought it would had been a tragety but it was a great sucesses. My living condition is terrible. The food is low we don't have that much amo left ,but i am in this for my town. I love you all see you soon.