Dear wife,
The war longs on. My regiment is stationed in Boston. I sleep in the peoples homes who live here. Some of them are hostile while others treat me with much respect. I miss your cooking most of all though for the food is terrible. I have only had one good meal and that was from a loyalist. I could swear the rest of the people I am quatered with are trying to kill me with burnt potatoes and terrible stale bread. The uniform is nice though for it is red and my boots made of leather. I have copper buttons on my coat and a warm hat on my head. We are armed with a musket that shoots lead balls using gunpowder. We also have a bayonet that goes on the end and some of us have pistols for close combat. Training was rough for we trained until our aim was perfect. We would go on drills that would reenact a battle, but the worst part was the marching. We would march for a full day then set up camp, wake up before the sun rose, then march some more carrying heavy guns and camp equitment. I was then sent on a large ship to America where I was then stationed in Boston. Living conditons aren't great but much better than the Colonial Army. I have a bed to sleep in most nights and a meal every day. I am very lucky in the fact that I have not been appart of any fighting engagments. I joined the army for honor and for money. The colony were British colonys and had no right to rebel. Also the pay isn't bad we are in a great deal of debt to your father, you know that. I love you very dearly and would like to hear back from you, Noah