Dear Brothers

I live in a small tent next to the generals tent.
The General has requested supplies for the tents but nothing has came.
Their is barely any food. The only food we do have are a few small
pieces of bread and deer meat.
The men are dieing and getting sick because they don't have the right
clothing. The uniforms are colored blue. Please send me my heavy coat when you get this letter.
The commander told us that we needed to bring
our own guns and ammo because the army doesn't have enough weapons to supplie us.
My gun that I brought was a Kentucky long rifle.
I didn't get any training because I volunteered. pretty much all the men in the whole town
I witnesed the battle of Bunker Hill. After that battle I joined in my towns newly formed
milita. I fought in New York under the command of George Washington. Now we are at
Valley Forge.
It is winter and food has become scarce. That is the reason why we don't
have alot of food.
Most of the tents are small and ragtagged. Some of the soldiers were lucky and stole
some hay for bedding. The aid station is full of the dead and wounded. I fear that after
the next battle I will be amongst them.
But I still have hope for The army even though we have lost most of the battles to the
British. Please think of me and pray for the cause

Your youngest brother
Levi Blake