Dear, Fran
I am a colonial soldier, I have to sleep in tents but alot of times i have to sleep on the cold ground. I eat very little food we mostly eat bread, meat, and sometimes drink wine. My uniform is not comfortable it is ragged and heavy I dont have any shoes my feet bleed, when my uniform gets wet it weighs me down and makes me tired. Our weapons are not that good sometimes we dont have enough for everyone and we run low on musket balls alot and gun powder. When we attacked Quebec we lost horribley we lost over 500 me they also took 500 men prisoners it was a crushing blow to our cause. The training here is not that great we don't have alot of training they try to make us soldiers but it is a challenge when we are running low on war suplies and ammunition. They taught us how to shoot the musket and the pistol, but it is not all that great of training. Where were just recently at Valley Forge we weren't ready or fit for the stay in valley forge, we did not have cloths or evan shoes mens feet bled. The punishment was suvier if you deserted, the disiplen here is hard, but Washington is tring to make us hardend soldiers. This stranger Vonstouven is teaching us drill he taught us how to march properly use our bayonets, teach us to use the muskets, and how to aim better with them. Vonstouvan actualy left the army 5 years earlier but washington didn't care because he trained us into an army. While we were at Valley Forge the French joined us. We attacked the British while they where marching towards New York, but we had to retreat.