Dear My Colonial Family,

The night was not so good, we had to sleep on the very cold ground -with thin, small ,and rough blankets that were tattered. I couldn't sleep half the night, wondering if the general would be attacked by the British ;and by the fact that I was cold also kept me up shivering like a sick dog. In the morning as I got up, the small piece of bread -that was passed around- was all moldy. I decided to pass it on and even though I am in hiding my identity I don't think that the uniforms were not right so I sewed the patches up when everyone was asleep. but, back to the food situation. As we were passing around meat that was cooked I didn't eat it. My stomach turned by the thought of eating this and getting food posioning. In the afternoon we troops had done some practice shots on the old damp trees.The musket balls and amunition made things go smoothly for some. Still shivering I tried to get a perfect shot, but I missed. Oh, I also forgot to tell you of the battles that I've been in. In New York I lost the battle, as well as the fight for Canada. These battles were so harsh and blood thirsty that I felt terrified by all of my fellow friends who had fallen. The most common weapon that we had was the rifle, and some of them had muskets. These weapons didn't last very long because they kept firing at our hands. The living conditions were not so good either, the coldness made shelter hard for all of us. Wind was very quick to ruin the shelter. the reason why I fought for my country was because I want to make you feel safe and unharmed. See you soon my darlings.

From your colonial Soilder
Katlyn Baldwin