Dear Robert
I am a British soldier my uniform is red with white pants and white shirt,the reason why we where red is when where at war If someone gets shot and the person next to them one freakout because there wearing red it won't be easy to see unlike the patriots when they get shot you will actually see the blood. We sleeping in huts we even get blankets when we are traveling. Are weapons are muskits and canons the ammo for the muskets are little metal balls. We mostly eat biscuts we hardly have any meat. Some causes of the Revolutionary War are taxes,representation in parliment. The clonists reacted to the British laws with anger and violence. Parliment continued to pass tax after tax. Some British soldiers fired into a crowd of colonists killing five men. The Tea act is passed, making British Tea cheaper than colonial tea. We have had many wars and one them such as The Battle Of Bunker Hill,Guilford Courthouse and many more. I was very scared after one war as I was running home I noticed one of my men lying on the ground I walked up to him and I noticed it was my cousin he looked at me and said "You must go on" those where his last words. When i got back home i heard some men talking about a man named john they said that he ran away from the war because he was scared they also said that he was going to be branded that night. I was afraid
From your neighbor Chris