Dear family,
I am a colonial soldier. I really wish I was home because i could sleep on a nice warm bed. Here I have to sleep on the cold ground, and I have been eatting twigs and the leather off of my shoes. I have a uniform that is really thin and really cold. It is so cold that I feal like I am laying in the snow, but even though it is very thin it still cost a lot of money. I have almost no gun powder to shoot, and amost no musket ball to shoot. I really wish I was home, because I could get some sleep here all we do is train and fight. Training really take out a lot of energy, we get up very early and start training. I have been in three parts of the battle out of five. I watched my freind get his arm blone off by the musket ball. Now he is almost dead! The conditions of living out in the woods is very cold, I always feal like im bear foot because almost all of my shoe lether is gone from me eatting it seems how there is no food out here. Everybody here really wants to go home but cant! We are getting pushed to our limits. If I could I would leave to come home and see you and the childeren. I am fighting so we dont have to pay all of the taxes. I also am fighting for the soldiers that are always in our house, and for all of the soldiers in everybodys houses. I also fighting because of how much prices for everthing is going supper high. My feet are bleading from all of the snow and ice so they are probably following everybodies blood trail from thier feet. I have scares on my back from getting wipped. Right now all of my army is running away from the regualers. Our captian George Washington is not letting us stop and he says all we hve to do i survive all of this and we will win in the long run. Almost all of our group is abaning us because they think that we are going to die with no food or we are going to get tracked down and kill us when we are not expecting it. We only have like ten people left that are willing to risk thier lives so we can win the war,for no taxes.
LOVE, Mark