Dear Mom and Dad

I have been sleeping in this small loge caben sence I've been in the colonial soldiers army.I sleep on a bed of hay with ropes tide around the hay and a sheet over it.We as the trops are hoping to make it a crost the big dam in the New Amster Dame. We've made ower own sout they are like a navy blue with two white strips down the middle of the lage.When were on the roud we ushally try to hunt ower food to prezerev ower food will hunt for beef like dear some times we make Beefstough. We just eat some dear that we got last night with some bread and butter and we dranked water to wash it down the food was fantastick!To night were geting ower guns ready for training to marrow we have muskets some rifles,and were making nice hard solid musket balls and and were geting a good amount of black powder.Ower traning is going good we crall through mud with barbwiyer above us and we hafe to clime up walls with some rope we set up peaces of wood sticking up and the wood has red on it to shout at and other thing that I can't say "super secret".Were geting ready for this Battle of Trenton its a weak a way so were traning even harder every second we get.We are heading out to marrow torrds the battle when we get to a good spott thats close to the battle ground were going to set up camp stay there for one day after we get there.Their is four souldiers that are going to go look at the battle field and set up strateges for our war were going to eat some potatos,corn,bread with butter,and beffstouw with some water to get a good apatite for the battle to marrow and were going to bead early to night to get ower energy for to marrow's battle.Weir up and marching to the fite the drums silen I can feil the intensidy and our capton tells us ready set amy fire were firing the sky's filling with smoke with all of the guns firing were firing at the British their firing rite back at us!The British are starting to try to retreat and we have won the Battle of Trenton at last we've capshurd nine hundred prisoners at that battle who could bullev it we have saved the army-and the Revolution!Ower living counditions are hard on us but thats what make us stonger and some times we would get at lest three good days a mouth but over all live is great!Love you mom and dad.

Sincerly your son Josh :)