Dear family,
I have been chosen to be a spy. Being a spy is very hard, because if I were to be caught I would be hanged. One great battle I was in was the battle of Saratoga. I was glad I wasn't British. They had a very good battle plan but it failed. The British were supposed to have three generals armies attacking us. General Howe was supposed to attack us from the south but he decided to "capture" Pennsylvania. General was going to attack from Lake Ontario but he got defeated. Then it was just us vs. Burgoyne. I remember the night before that battle I had A can of beans with some water from the snow. The snow was our only source of water because we had run out of canteen water. That night I was very cold because I had to sleep in he snow. Although my blue uniform kept me partially warm my legs and head were freezing. My beat-up hat didn't cover my ears and my army pants weren't that thick and worn-down. I did have shoes but the soles were very thin so they did little. I intend to write back soon. Love,