I am just writing this so when we win this war we can share our story with the world. I am in the continental army and right now we are in valley forge. I never felt so cold in my life but I am always positive. You have to be positive or else you lose hope and hope is the spark to light our conans to push bullets or even to save a helpless country. Hungry is now a constant felling and I keep trying to ignore it but it turns out that shoe leather and saving soap can make a meal. I am fearful for my cousin Nathen Hale who is a great man who is our personal spy I am so proud and my poor brother who has been brain washed into thinking that the British actually cares about us. I have heard news that Benjamin Franklin is trying to get some support from france but I still worry. We are going into battle in a week or two for something called "Saratoga" and all our training is weak most of us were just farmers and black smiths we tryed some target practice but we have to save our ammunition. I can't wait to get our new uniforms some of the wives of the soldgers are trying so sew some but their materials were limited. For now we are wearing just the cloths we wore to the listing. I am greatfull that I bought new leather shoes before I inlisted cause most of the men have frost bite and bloody feet. So far we haven't won many battles but we did win the battle of Trenton and that was a great victory for us. our weapns are rusted and the army is hard to control there hope is heart warming but they need to be molded into a real army. I hate to say it but an army like the Brittish army. Well thats all for now all write to you with news of if france will join us and how saratoga gose..............ba bye:)