Dear Mom

The war is going great us the Colonial soilgers are fighting as hard as we can but we need ammo and couple hundred more soilgers.We dont have much for beds we sleep on the ground under rags we tried to make out of tents. tomorrow night on christmas night we are going to cross the river and we are going to fight the Hessians.We were so hungry that sometimes we have to eat the leather on our boots and the fur on our hat.Are uniforms are regular cloths that we would were any other day of our lives.The weapons that we use are muskets that dont have verry much bullets for them and we dont have much powder either.The training is very dificult i have been training for about five months now some of the stuff we do is we will try and be as stealthy as we can and also we learn how to load and shoot our rifles and what supplyies we need for thr guns.Some of the battles that i had faught in was the battle of Trenton,and that is it for right know because i am a rookie fighter and have been in training for a long time.The living conditions arnt to hot but i am not complaining about that because i am proud to fight for my country.I am helping my army to fight because i am sick and tired of the taxes that the British are making us pay so me and a whole lot of other people are going to start at rebellion agains the British and prove that we can be a free nation our selves.Oh and how is the faimly doing i am sorry that i couldnt come home for christmas this year i will come next year hoping the war will be over then and we get what we want.