Dear mom,
Hi mom its shelby. I am a Colonia Soldier. Me and my fellow passangers are sleeping in tents in the freezing weather and we are on mattrices full of leaves. They are sort off comfortable but they arnt. We ate very little and we had grapes, water, squirl stew, and fish. You can't believe what eat in the war. Some of the things i eat made me sick, and make me vomite. When i ate the squirl stew it was ok but it made me sick. The fish and the grapes were realy good to my stumach. The water was filthy, and it tasted like fish water, well it came from fish water.
Our uniform was blue and white. We wore it every day except when we washed our selfes off. We realy like our uniforms but i want to come home and weir my regular cloths. We are trying our best to win this wore but the British is winning. We are going every day as far as we can go. We have many sad faces and most of the people want to go home but they are fighting with all their might.
We had very little guns.We only had enought powder for each person to shoot eight times. We are not training at all. We are going yo need it cause the british have been training ever since the war was starting. I have neen in only two wars. these wars of Brandy Wine, and in Princeton. Alot of people died in the war of Brandy Wine. 200 out of 400 men died at this war. It was a tragity and was very hard for the families tha have lost a loved one. The war of Princeton wasn't that bad only 100 out of 400 men died, but it was stilll bad. The living conditions were very cold in some parts of the places.
All of the men were sleeping in tents and they were taking them down. Oh mom it was crazy. Everybody was tired and sick but they keep going and most of them are wonded. All ten thousond of us walked with George washington. We had berly any blankets to sleep on. There were also cloth tents that we sleept in. Most of the people walked barefoot and some of the people walked with shoes on.
We are fighting because we dont want british to win. So they wont take over our homes and land. We arnt going to let this happen. We all would like to come home with our lives still there and not destroied by the British. Oh sorry mom got to go i am leaving again. Bye mom i will write you when I get a chance.