Dear Mother,

I am stuck here with my fellow colonial soldiers in the dreaded Valley Forge. It's cold, damp, and there is almost nothing to eat. Everyone here is staving and the cots aren't to cozy either. Although the training has been rough with Baron von Stueben, but so far its been worth it for the most part. I have become a much better soldier than I was when I joined the patriot cause. General Washington has led us through some of the toughest places I've ever been. Like through the Deleware, that was near death for me. But I shall asure you that I am well and that I have decided to reenlist into the continental army. I am fine here and I wanted to know the same for you at home. I can only hope that the war effort shall be over soon and that I can come home. For now I have to train for our next expected battle. Unfortunatly my musket has been destroyed and we are still waiting for supplies. So right now we are waiting for food, muskets, clothing, and amunition. The time here is rough and the rest of us are still fighting throught it. For the men that are sick or have died here, I pray for their souls. I have made good friends here and I have enjoyed there company, but some have passed in our rough battles, I pray for them to. Other than that that I want to say that I hope that you are well, and that I shall be home soon.

Your Son Patrick